Why did you start Pedal Mafia?

To create a movement in an industry that was established for what I believed to be the wrong reasons... I genuinely didn't feel like I could find any cool kit at a price point or quality I desired.

My girlfriend at the time (now wife) would laugh at me all the time and ask me why I looked like a rolling billboard? A light bulb moment went off when I was explaining to a mate of mine that cycling was fun and he should join me for a ride. He laughed and said "my dad cycles". I knew from that moment that the stigma needed to change. The more people on bikes the better in my opinion and If I can do that through a style or a name that you will remember, then I have succeeded.

Pedal Mafia speaks for the friendships we make on group rides that ultimately become part of our "family". I have friends of all ages and walks of life that I never would have met If it wasn't for the bike. We share the love of the climbs and the thrill of the descents, but most importantly those skinny latte's around a table at our local café before the day starts.

There is no better feeling than the riding endorphin... It strengthens the mind, body, and soul. I'll preach that message every day one piece of clothing at a time.

What do the coordinates mean?

It's where it started! It's my dad's garage...

I was living there at the time I started the brand and for the first 3 years of the business, I would work during the day at my corporate job and build the brand at night. I've sent thousands of orders from the garage at night only to be up at the crack of dawn to ride. I will never forget my dad asking me why he had 4 guys in his living room all half-naked trying on lycra while he watched the state of origin.

Dad and I cycle together and we are really close. Some of our best times have been out the back of his house after a ride together and its also where I was raised. Dad's owned it since 2002 and after one failed attempt to sell it, I think he will end up seeing his days out there.

The house is odd and quirky and was designed by a well renowned Perth architect. I love how the house has some clean lines and a unique European inspiration being built-in 1970. As shabby as the house is, we have shared some amazing times here and it speaks to my mantra which is "family and friends"

What does the future look like for Pedal Mafia and yourself?

It's an exciting one! From humble beginnings in a garage in City Beach, Pedal Mafia now employs 10 incredible staff. Our products are sold to every part of the globe and we continue to go from strength to strength due to the hard work of all involved.

This month I pack up my family, wife and 2 young sons in a bid to grow the brand in the United States. I am a firm believer in "Nothing ventured, nothing gained" and this is a challenge I am really looking forward too.

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